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William O. Gibson Camp No.123 Sons Of the Spanish American War

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Attention:  We Need Volunteers


The Sons of the Spanish American War needs your help.  We need your help to save History.  We need your help to spread the history of this little known war and it effects on the history of this great nation.  We need your help.


We are calling all individuals with relatives who fought in the great battles of the Spanish American war in any of the theaters; The Spanish American War of 1898; The Philippine Insurrection of 1899-1901 and the China Relief Expedition 1900-1901 or those who are merely interested in American history.  We as Sons are called to protect and perpetuate the lives of these great men who served during this time of war.  A war, which has similarities to the current war in which men fight for the freedoms of others, others that did not even know.  Freedoms that can be taken away from any one person at any one moment. 


Good men who died never knowing what their fighting had wrought, knowing only the pain of dying for thier country men and for the future generations.  All they wanted is to be remembered for their brave actions.  Those actions such as the needless explosion of the USS Maine on 15 February 1898, the Rough Riders who perished on San Juan Hill, and your ancestor who bore the battle scares of war.  Where will you stand and fight the injustice of our modern age against these fine men? Will you not stand and fight for you fellow countrymen in the long struggle of forgetfulness.  


We are trying to reorganize the Corbin Camp 123 in Scranton Pennsylvania.  In doing so, we have been attached as an outpost from the Joseph Melvin Leonard Camp No.168.   We would be excited to talk with anyone who wishes to join this great organization and to find out what you can do to help us. 


Please contact Sergeant in Command Joseph Ferrara

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