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William O. Gibson Camp No.123 Sons Of the Spanish American War

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In the Course of history, we celebrate and remember.

We will be setting up a meeting for all prespective new Members for February.  If you are interestd in joining in, please call Joseph Ferrara and let him know.  We need 11 Members to hold this meeting.

Watch for a meeting to discuss the re activation of the William O. Camp 123 in Scranton.

Important Dates 2007

1 February- National Freedom Day
14 February-  Flag Day
22 February-  George Washington's Birthday
12 February- Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
15 February -  Remember the Maine

25 March - Remember our Medal of Honor Winners
13 April-  Thaomas Jeffersaon's Birthday
28 May- Memorial Day
4 July - Independence Day

11 September- Patriot Day 
27 October- Theodore Roosevelt's Birthday
11 November- Veterans Day
11 November-  Rememberence Day

7 December - Peal Harbor Day 
26 December- Admiril George Dewey's Birthday

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.